Threaded waterproof breathable valve

Technical parameter
Airflow 500-3000ml/min/cm2
Protection class lP67-IP68(2 meters underwater, soak for 1 hour, watertight)
Breathable membrane material Expanded PTFE(ePTFE)
Breathable Membrane Properties Waterproof, dustproof, oilproof
Breathable membrane color Grey
Suitable temperature -40℃~125℃
Body and cap material of waterproof vent valve Polyamide (PA6)

Design and dimensions

Product advantages

Use 2 lamps of the same type, and the lighting time lasts 90min.
The internal pressure of the headlight without the waterproof vent valve rises rapidly and eventually stabilizes;
The internal pressure of the headlight using the waterproof vent valve slowly rises and gradually tends to zero.

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