Snap-in waterproof breathable valve

Technical parameter
Airflow 500-3000ml/min/cm2
Protection class lP67-IP68(2 meters underwater, soak for 1 hour, watertight)
Breathable membrane material Expanded PTFE(ePTFE)
Breathable Membrane Properties Waterproof, dustproof, breathable, oilproof
Breathable membrane color White
Suitable temperature -40°℃~125℃
Body and cap material of waterproof vent valve Modified plastic

Design and Dimensions

Product advantages
①Integrated molding to achieve good waterproof performance.
②Leaving the liquid surface to quickly restore ventilation.
③The interference fit between the cover and the body solves the problem of the cover falling off.
④The cover is thin and the body is thick, and the sleeve is focused on the sleeve to avoid the risk of the cover falling off or even twisting the column.

Use 2 lamps of the same type, and the lighting time lasts 90min.
The internal pressure of the headlight without the waterproof vent valve rises rapidly and eventually stabilizes;
The internal pressure of the headlight using the waterproof vent valve slowly rises and gradually tends to zero.

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