About oricell
It realizes the non-polluting regenerated cellulose fiber that is produced from pure wood-based raw materials, closed physical dissolution method, more than 99% solvent circulation, and the product can be completely degraded naturally. It combines the comfort and breathability of natural fibers and the strength and durability of chemical fibers. It has a wide range of applicability. It is a new material fiber under the trend of environmental protection and high-quality requirements in the 21st century.

Oricell specifications

Oricell physical indicators
Dry breaking strength≥4 cN/dtex
Wet breaking strength≥3.6 cN/dtex
Dry elongation at break ≥14.5%
Wet modulus≥1.1 cN/dtex/5%

Oricell features
①Non-woven fabric: A mask made of Oricell, combined with a good essence, and the number of fits, significantly enhance the experience of mask customers.
②Medical supplies: medical dressings made of Oricell, the skin feels fit to the affected area, protects the wound and allows the wound to breathe freely and promote healing. Medical clothing, medical masks, comfortable and natural appliances can relieve anxiety and improve efficiency in stressful environments.
③Oricell has the drape property of viscose, the strength of polyester, good drape, pleasure, not easy to wrinkle, and easy to manage.

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