Heavy metal fixing treatment agent for fly ash NEP #03-EP

Introduction of heavy metal fixation agent NEP #03-EP for fly ash
Nowadays, environmental issues are receiving extreme attention on a global scale. With the strengthening of laws and regulations, the disposal of fly ash from waste incineration plants has also become a very important topic.
The fly ash produced by waste incineration plants will continuously change with the changes in the composition and incineration status of the waste incineration, and the concentration of harmful heavy metals contained in the fly ash is also constantly changing.
In order to deal with such fly ash treatment, we have developed the "NEP# 03-EP" product that can be used as a fixed treatment agent for heavy metals. It is applied to the lower-cost liquid chelation method. A small amount of fly ash is added, which can interact with harmful heavy metals (Pb). , Cd, Hg, etc.) form a firm bond for effective immobilization to prevent leaching.

Use method and use effect
1. The product is liquid, easy to use, and can be diluted with water freely.
2. The recommended amount of NEP #03-EP is 1-5% and water is 10-30%.
3. It reacts very strongly with heavy metals and has good stability.

NEP #03-EP Application Case
A Waste Incineration Plant
       *Add 3%, determined according to the leaching experiment No. 13 of the Environmental Report Office
Before processing After treatment
Pb(mg/L) Cd(mg/L) Pb(mg/L) Cd(mg/L)
21.4 6.51 0.02 0.03
6.8 1.30 0.01 0.01
6.4 6.40 0.01 0.02
B waste incineration plant
       *Add 3%, determined according to the leaching experiment No. 13 of the Environmental Report Office
Test fee name Pb concentration(mg/L) Cd concentration(mg/L)
Before processing After treatment Before processing After treatment
B treatment plant fly ash(1) 2.48 0.03 0.26 0.02
B treatment plant fly ash(2) 0.10 0.01 0.12 0.02
B treatment plant fly ash(3) 0.69 0.01 0.33 0.01
C treatment plant fly ash(1) 4.11 0.02 0.49 0.03
C treatment plant fly ash(2) 3.75 0.02 0.49 0.02
Pb (lead) processing case
       *Add 3%, use with cement
Before treatment (mg/L) After treatment (mg/L)
166 0.05以下
138 0.05以下
152 0.05以下

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