Nickel, copper and other heavy metal ion remover NEP #100-H

NEP #100-H Product Introduction
Regarding the removal and treatment of heavy metal ions in factory wastewater, the traditional method is to use the neutralization method to settle and separate the hydrated acid compounds, which varies according to the situation of the factory and the types of harmful substances.
However, the current situation is that if a general neutralization method is used to achieve the target, unless there are very strict management restrictions, or despite the strict management restrictions, it is still difficult to achieve the target.
Therefore, it was specially developed as a treatment agent for heavy metal ions in wastewater. NEP #100-H reacts to various heavy metal ions to form insoluble salts. Through simple treatment, it is suitable for a wide range and has good performance.

Processing effect display

Advantages of NEP #100-H
1. Especially suitable for the treatment of copper and nickel ions
EDTA, ammonium chloride, ammonium persulfate, ammonium citrate, propylene ion, etc. that cannot be treated by neutralization are suitable treatment objects.
2. The removal rate of heavy metal ions is very high
Compared with the traditional neutralization method, the removal rate is high, and it can be fully processed below the specified value
3. Easy to apply
Just add to the existing processing equipment
4. Wide application range
The usable pH range is 7-13, and various heavy metal ions (ions with valence above 2) coexisting in the solution can be removed at the same time.
5. Will not increase COD
Use appropriate amount according to the concentration of various heavy metal ions, the ingredients of the medicine are completely combined with the metal ions, and the metal ions are immobilized, and there is basically no remaining in the treated water.

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