Electrodialysis membrane / bipolar membrane

The simplest embodiment of the bipolar membrane technology is the so-called 3-chamber stack-bipolar membrane electrodialysis. In this case, the repeating membrane unit in the stack consists of a bipolar membrane, a cation and an anion exchange membrane. In the electric field, the anion migrates through the anion exchange membrane to the anode, leaving the cation on one side of the bipolar membrane and eventually forming an acid with the protons produced in the bipolar membrane. In the same manner, an alkali solution was formed on the other side of the bipolar membrane, and a diluent was formed in the central coarse solution chamber.
Fumasep FAB, FKB and FBM are designed and optimized for bipolar membrane electrodialysis. A combination of conventional electrodialysis and electrochemical water splitting for salt separation for the conversion of salts to the corresponding acids and bases.
The FBM bipolar membrane combines high selectivity and high efficiency with high chemical stability over a wide pH range, very good mechanical stability and low electrical resistance. Ideal for the production of acids and bases from the corresponding salts, as well as innovative concepts such as biofuel cells.

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