Wuxi Material Science Engineering  Co., Ltd. is located in Wuxi, which is known as the “Pearl of Taihu Lake”. It is a technology company engaged in international supply chain services and new materials in the industrial industry.
MTS itself is the supply chain development and management window for NEO·Material G (TMX) in Japan under the Toyota Tsusho Industrial Materials Division. It is the development and management of Japan's TMX raw material supply chain for new materials. The new materials face the Chinese market. Sales expansion and import management, and coordination services.
At the same time, in the process of promoting cooperation for many years,
● Cooperating with SPIRALTEC of Germany, it is the agent of SPIRALTEC spiral diffusion dialysis membrane module in China, responsible for sales and after-sales service in the whole Greater China region.
● Established a sales relationship with Japan Toray, Japan Nitto Denko, and Japan Hirose Paper.
● Established a stable supply and management relationship with Japan's Ozawa Paper, C'S ISHIHARA, and KOCHO.
● Established a relationship with NKK Japan, Awa Paper, etc. for new product development assistance.
In addition, in terms of environmental treatment, we have established cooperation and support relationships with several companies in Japan on the materials needed for multi-faceted environmental treatment.
In Germany, our company is gradually promoting the market research of FUMATECH's bipolar membrane, anion exchange membrane and cation exchange membrane, and actively discusses whether it can provide a series of membrane product replacement supply services for domestic electrodialysis and electrochemical water decomposition.
Through long-term focus and continuous innovation, the company continues to create new value for customers, assumes responsibility for customers, employees and society, and contributes to the national environmental protection cause.
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