What is the difference between reverse osmosis membrane and RO membrane

1. The use of two membrane water supplies is different
Reverse osmosis membranes are mainly used for domestic drinking water. With the continuous improvement of reverse osmosis technology, reverse osmosis water supply can meet the water consumption of the entire kitchen. The ultrafiltration membrane water supply can only be used for household and washing.
2. The standards of the two membranes are different.
Reverse osmosis membrane standards are higher. The ultrafiltration membrane qualification standard is 100 colonies per ml of water, while the RO reverse osmosis membrane is 20 colonies per ml of water. It can be said that the RO reverse osmosis membrane standard is four times higher than the ultrafiltration membrane.
3. The difference in pore diameter between the two membranes is large
The pore size of the RO reverse osmosis membrane is only 1/100 of the pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane, so the reverse osmosis membrane can remove very small organic molecular pollution in the water, such as chemical organic matter and organic pesticide pollution. Ultrafiltration membranes cannot. The reverse osmosis membrane also softens the water and converts the hard water into soft water.

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